Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Still playing catch up....3 wks ago in St. Cloud

Oh MY GOSH!!! 

My baby turned 12!!!

(He is the one in front in the gray sweatshirt....looking a little shocked himself)

We met my sister and her family for an overnight hotel fun with her 3 boys and our 3.
They simply LOVE hanging out together and the fact that a birthday happened to be involved complete with pizza, brownies, Goldfish crackers, juice and more how could we go wrong.

During the afternoon Nicole ~ Julie ~ and I decided to get a pedicure.  Something I should tell you.....I have NEVER had one before ....WHY???  Because whenever any body comes close to my feet I freak!  They are so sensitive and full of the tickles.  (No playing footsie around here! If you know what I mean.....)

Nicole thought it was relaxing and big deal........enjoying every minute of it actually.
 This is the lady cutting my cuticles.
and fine at this point.
 This is me when she tried to scrub my heal!!

That was not happening ~ she almost got cocked in the face by my knee jerk reaction to kick any one who touches or tickle my feet.  Oops....I forgot to mention that.  ha!  But wait...she tried it once more and the same round house kick happened......NO MORE touching the bottom of my feet.

Lets move one to the calf massage and painting please. 

See the difference between Nicole's face and mine?
One will go back and one won't....

Sitting at the hotel later I got a picture of my toes by my sistah's.....which is which???

Owen had a blast and the next morning we even got a planned visit from Grandma and Grandpa!!  WooHoo the fun never stops.......more pictures to come.......


Alissa A Journey to Thin said...

How fun! I have ticklish feet too and I have the hardest time sitting still when they scrub the bottom of my feet. I just want to start giggling. haha

Kim said...

I'm playing catch-up, too!!
I love pedicures - I wish I could get one more often but I don't:)

She did it and then I did it again.....

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