Friday, May 8, 2015

Busy going broke with BIRTHDAY celebrations this month....

 Yep, just a few more pictures from St. Cloud and a certain happy boy who turned 12!!
 Here he is with the brothers/cousins from Detroit Lakes....seriously these boys could NOT make Owen more happy (unless they were all at Disney together) just being in their presence is enough.

 Happy faces all around.....well, except for Grandma but she appears to be talking and she usually doesn't like pictures so she may be pretending not to look at me but I know she is happy too.  ;-)
 Poor Grandpa......he LOVES his picture being taken and this one of him on the couch was not a "normal" photo for him.  He usually poses or laughs for the camera....see the one below....

Not everyday your dad turns 73!!

Hey DAD~ Lets take a selfie!!

(I should have taken one of just his says....
"Never Fear Grandpa's Here!")

Unless, there is a severe thunderstorm warning ...then Grandpa is the first one to fear.
He is an older man in a baby's body when it comes to storms.
And to think I believed him when I was younger as he told me not to worry because he could fight the I know he was secretly sweating inside.  

And one more selfie with the selfie queen herself....Makenzie!

In a couple of weeks we will celebrate yet another birthday.....the first born is turning 18 and also having her graduation party on the same day.  Yep, we are going for broke this month!  YOLO!!


Kim said...

Enjoy all the celebrations - you have a lot of fun going on for sure!!!

Alissa A Journey to Thin said...

You are gorgeous! :) what fun celebrations- enjoy!


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