Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I don't know if we will ever stop....

 Well....obviously, if it was up to THIS girl I would stop taking pictures.  ha!  I guess when you are almost 18 and not wearing makeup and your mom says ..."SMILE"....this is the response one might expect to receive.  Oh well, mission accomplished ~ eggs colored! We all enjoyed dying Easter eggs once again this year.  I don't think we will ever stop.  ;-)

One thing I noticed......our quantity seems to be getting less and our imagination of what to write on them seems to have gone astray (as we noticed we went back to our usual "Meg Egg" ~ from the girls'  love of Meg and Hercules when they were younger and "College day eggs"~ because remembering days of when hubby was younger is always a highlight for him.)

 Guess who made the cross egg?

 And finally, I will leave you with this beautiful picture.................a friend of mine took it of our church on Easter Sunday.  She then posted it on Facebook and I had to save it.... love it!

He has Risen!
He has Risen indeed!

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Kim said...

Love that y'all still make eggs - it has been years since we colored any!!

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