Tuesday, March 3, 2015


So it happened again today.

This time I was on my way to work.  It was snowing and I was driving slow (because that is what you do in MN when it snows.....drive slow to be prepared for any slippery spot or vehicle that may cross your path) although the potential snow storm was already looking pretty weak compared to the "doom and gloom" they told us about for the past two days.

I don't mind.  Some people get their undies in a bunch when the weather peeps get it wrong.  I would rather have them forecast a blizzard and end up with 2 inches than forecast 2 inches and end up with a blizzard.....just the way I am I guess~

Sorry I drifted off....just like the snow...no pun intended.  Back to my drive to work.  I was thinking about being 46, a college graduate, a mom, a wife of almost 20 years and a forever part-time employee.  What is wrong with that?  Nothing.  If that is what you want .....but for me I am never satisfied.  I am not content with the part-timer scenario.

*I feel sick.  I want to email someone and tell them I can't come in.  Period. ~ Instead like most part-time jobs I have had,  I have to call the "sub list" to try and find a replacement for myself.  Really?  I am sick.  I may be puking.  I may have a fever.  The last thing I want to do is be on the phone leaving messages (because no sub ever answers their phone....you have to leave a message....they listen to it....and IF its something they are willing to do .....they will call you back) Now 30 minutes later I am sick, crabby, and frustrated.

*Other employees know my schedule.  They know my part-time hours and when they need a sub they call me.  (I don't always want to sub....#wintermeanshibernation) Then I feel guilty, guilty, guilty.

*I want a weekend off to have a "family" weekend away.  Wait I have to work.  So here we go again.....*see I feel sick scenario*..... can someone please cover my shift.

Then, it hit me.  I thought about what I like to do.   And really I like to talk to the elderly who come into the Y.  They say it like it is.  They think YOU are great.  And they usually want to share too much information....kind of like ME!  ;-)  So, how do I become a personal shopper/caregiver for older adults?  Because I don't want to work for any specific company I also want to be my own boss!!

I want to be a companion to those elderly whose family live out of town.  I could take them shopping, go on walks with them, take them to their appointments etc....

I could be their new best friend.  And I am better than a dog because I can drive and they don't have to pick up after me, if you know what I mean.   I obviously have more thinking to do on what could possibly be my new venture but if it could work out I would love it...I think.  I hope.  Yes, I would!

I have some work to do...time to get busy.

It's either that or write a book.....hmmm, maybe put the two together?  I could write a book about my outings with the seniors...it would be a humor one for sure!

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Kim said...

YES!! Do it - you would be awesome at being a shopper/errand runner for/with people!!

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