Monday, March 16, 2015

"The guys and I want to take a trip to Chicago....."

I don't know about you but some ladies may get nervous or even jealous if their husband mentions a "getaway with the guys to Chicago for a night".  I mean we all know what happens on a "GIRLS weekend right????"  (At least my friends have shared a few stories of their getaways....drinking too much, dancing with who??, and TMI about him and her until all hours of the FIRST getaway is in less than 2 weeks....we will be tame, it will be fine.)

Now hubby wants to go to Chicago without me?

He and the boys?


Then he said the 9 little words that gave him the "FAST PASS" (as if we were in Disney right?).....
"We want to go to the SLOT CAR show."

(Yes, I may have chuckled a little)

And then because I asked him for pictures he kindly sent a few.....for your pleasure too!
What do you think.......nerds? 
Or just super happy "older" guys giddy to check out their childhood hobby?

OK...I pick #2 too.

And I probably wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it....
there was actually a line to get in!!

Wow~they mean business....those slot cars must be in high demand...
I hope they have room for everyone inside.

Yep,  I think the only ones who showed up were the die hards waiting in line.
Plenty of room to wander around by the looks of things.
Kind of makes you wish you were there right??

Seriously,  I am glad hubby can have fun with his friends, reminiscing about the hours they spent setting up tracks, oiling cars, fixing cars, changing the track, and which car got the best time........then I don't have to feel guilty when I don't want to "race" with him.  ha!

He had fun and actually the kids and I did too......we took a walk around a lake in Minneapolis that we use to live by and I had to get at least one picture.  

 And I splurged with a surprise visit to hubby's favorite doughnut shop.  Mel-o-Glaze.  
(personally I believe they are a bit over priced but its only a once a year thing)

Happy Kids.
Happy weekend.
Happy hubs.
Happy wife.
Happy Life!


Kim said...

Fun that y'all both have trips this spring!!!
Chris hasn't been on a guys trip in a long time - but he takes trips with the guys for work and when they fly into Hawaii or Guam or anyplace in Europe I think it counts as a "fun" trip!!!

Jennifer A said...

Sounds like a fun trip :)

She did it and then I did it again.....

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