Saturday, March 14, 2015

Ever been a guest at a "Guest House International"? We were.....

 If only I had taken more pictures.  Should have. Could have. Would have. But I was too busy simply taking it all in.  Last weekend Owen had his final swim meet in Rochester and we found out the city of Rochester is MORE than just the MAYO Clinic!!  And it's NOTHING to write on your blog about.

 Our hotel room was fine and the continental breakfast was OK.  Although after many years of working at a hotel while in college I guess I am too picky about a few things.....
 (wait.....just let me take a selfie!)

My Dislikes:
1.  Cigarette Butts strewn around every entrance and exit we used.  Gross.  Move the designated smoking area farther away from the doors so we don't have to see the mess of it or smell the leftovers from it.
2.  Garbage not picked up in the hallway.  There was a plastic cup by our door for the first 24 hours and NO ONE picked it up.  And yes, I witnessed employees walking right by it.  YUK!

3.  Morning coffee coming out 1/3 water and 2/3 coffee....hmmm?  I'll take mine strong please.

4.  Goes back to #1 ~ because smokers went right outside the doors it got VERY NOISY outside our window for hours while the "partiers" went out for their smoke.  Yes, it was a weekend.  Yes, it was the first spring like weekend in months.  Yes, we expect noise at a hotel.  But, from 1:30-2:30 AM I just want to SLEEP!!!

 We went out to eat at Olive Garden the first night and for some reason Owen was not wanting his picture taken at that least hubby and Kenzie were all smiles.
 While waiting for our food of course we needed to take a few more tourist like pics....especially since Kenzie went to all the trouble of putting a sticker on her face.  ;-)
The boy loves his daddy!
The next day consisted of more swimming, walking around, a visit to a bakery (sorry not even worth a picture) and back to our hotel to watch our high school hockey team on TV playing for the championship title.  WooHoo ~ they won too!!

By the next morning we had a few more swim events to watch and then time to pack up and leave....can't say we were too said to leave even though I am pretty sure we will joke and laugh about a few things for many years to come.  Sometimes the silliest weekends are the most memorable ones for certain!

Need a hotel?  Probably choose a different one than ours if in the Rochester area.  Just saying....


Alissa A Journey to Thin said...

In December, we went to Rochester for the weekend. We stayed at a new hotel and loved it- I think it was a Holiday Inn. It had a baby pool and everything. We had fun just walking the mall, going to Traders Joes and eating at Bakers Square- all of the ones around here closed. But yeh, staying at a bad hotel is horrific.

Kim said...

One summer when the boys and I went to TX the we observed a cup that was on the stairs (we always take the stairs!!) the entire week we were there - not cool!!!

Rachelle Q said...

Eww, cigarette butts everywhere! I hate that! I stayed at a hotel once for a race weekend and when we got to our room, the toilet was unflushed! Gross!