Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Eating the Moment......Food Fairy to the Rescue?

So I recently read this book "Eating the Moment" and I actually learned a lot from it.  Some of the stuff I knew already like when I eat because I am emotional, hormonal, bored, stressed, tired, excited, lonely, alone, CRAVING, at a party, simply seeing others eating, smelling popcorn (think I need some)or it's noon so it must be lunchtime-and that means I must eat lunch-even if I am not hungry.  I am sure there are a few more reasons as to why I eat or ATE but the main one that stuck out that I never really gave much thought to was EATING WHEN HUNGRY!?

Eating when hungry?  Really hungry?  

Not just ~ 
"Oh, its been an hour and I have't eaten anything so it must be time to look in the pantry again  
because I am pretty sure my invisible food fairy went shopping for me today and loaded the cupboard with cookies, crackers, candy, and other fun "c" treats"
"I read my book for one hour, I didn't go on Facebook, and I even folded a load of laundry ~ I must be famished so I will open the refrigerator (who am I kidding I open the FREEZER) again hoping MY personal food fairy surprised me with a frozen DQ cake!"  

"What all for me?
"Ok don't mind if I do "

So, the past couple of days I have been REALLY thinking about food and not the fancy "c" food I previously mentioned or the DQ cakes I adore....I have been thinking about REAL ~ fruits, veggies, and other GOOD FOR YOU ~ food.   

I am thinking, "Am I really hungry or thirsty?"  WOW! I know right?

I am thinking, "Why am I opening the pantry door right now?"  When I know there really isn't a food fairy .... kind of crying right now but I will get over it.

I am thinking, "Why do I feel I need a treat when I am not hungry!"  I am just conditioned to crave a treat/snack/ANYTHING...through out the day because of habit and all those other reasons mentioned in the first paragraph.  

Dang, certain books can just hit home harder than others.

It's been interesting to see all the times ALREADY I have stopped myself from eating and instead just having a big glass of water...boy, I must have been dehydrated and didn't even realize it.

And my final thought that I keep thinking is, "I can't believe I am not bigger for all the snacking I really must have been doing!"  ha!  

Always need a positive spin on things right?

Sooooooo....ever REALLY think about your food or have you wished for a food fairy too?


Kim said...

I know that on days I"m super tired and sort of feeling winter blues I eat just to eat - the rest of the time I do better about trying to only eat when hungry but those long winter days do me in.

Alissa A Journey to Thin said...

Oh man, I am the same way! It really takes being very mindful every single time I enter the kitchen to make sure I don't just eat to eat!

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