Monday, March 23, 2015

And just like that.....winter is back......

The kicker is that this is a MARCH snow fall.  And if you live in MN or anywhere close by we all know that March snow storms ARE the BEST!! Why???  Because ~
  • you get an awesome arm/back workout after shoveling the wet heavy snow....
  • the temperature is its 36 after receiving 8-9 inches last night.  the roads have been cleared and now it is simply (dare I say) pretty? to look at?
  • we know its NOT going to last for months but only DAYS....looks like 40 tomorrow ....some rain and more slushy stuff then 46 by the weekend.  (Although I will be leaving for CA on Saturday so more like 80 by the weekend!!! Happy ME!)
  • and this is what it looked like out my front door as it was coming down last night....very glad I didn't have to be driving in it ;-)

This morning was the ultimate mini-dachshund test....I really should have videoed Rudy jumping through the snow.  It was as deep as he is high...but as you can see he got through it just fine.

Ya gotta go ~ ya gotta go!

 And after I shoveled his path out on the deck I just had to take a picture of the perfect snow pie on top of my side table.  Now, if that could only have been vanilla ice cream it would not have lasted long enough to photo.  ha!

And one final note.....hubby is in CHICAGO again.  This time he flew out with some work people.  He was (I mean we were) up at 3:30 to get to the airport and his 7AM flight.  Too bad for him and everyone on his flight that it wasn't the weather which caused a delay but the plane engine.  They loaded ~ waited ~ unloaded ~ waited ~ loaded ~waited and then flew out the snowstorm that we just got rid of which Chicago was now receiving.

Oh the JOY!!


Kim said...

Winter needs to go away!!!
If your husband ever has a trip to Kansas City you should come and we can meet and hang out!!!

Alissa A Journey to Thin said...

We have been lucky to miss out on the snow so far! We had some freezing rain last night but it's all melted now.

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