Saturday, February 14, 2015

Thanks to hubby.....we feel loved!

Just have to say this year has not been my year for decorating around the holidays and shopping.  Sometimes I put up mailboxes and give little love notes or candies to the kiddos from Feb. was a cute way to get excited for love and to get through the month a little faster.

This year I thought about the mailboxes and then forgot.

Eventually Owen asked; "Are you going to put up the boxes?" 
 (I think it was February 7th by now)

Ummmm yea......
but sadly no, just didn't have it in me.

So, the other day I came home from shopping and the boxes were up ~ flags were up ~ and treats were inside!!!  Hubby to the rescue.  Yes, we know who the real romantic one is in this relationship....

The kids loved it and I did too.

So I let him have control of the week....and to my surprise he even bought little "gifts" for the kids to have today too...guess I can post some of those pictures tomorrow.  ;-)

What a guy!

Thanks hon ~ we sure appreciate it and YOU!

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Kim said...

I love that you do the mailboxes in February and I really love that this year your husband stepped in and did it for you:) So very sweet!!!

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