Tuesday, February 10, 2015

3 pics but more words....

A couple of weeks ago Kenz and I went to the ski hill to watch the high school Alpine team during a meet....it was a beautiful winter day and we thoroughly enjoyed being out in the "elements"......

Kenzie looking all "Colorado" like with her big scarf and glasses...

And me just a few days ago.....where oh where did the natural sun go?  I think that day at the hill was the last day we saw it and thus felt it.....I had to dig out the "Old faithful Sunlight"....I usually sit at it by a table but I finally got smart (maybe turning 46 tomorrow is helping?) I decided to lay in front of it.  It was like I died.....(yea, kind of look dead too)... and went to sun heaven....ha!

Got this book for my son at the library the other day
he started reading it and decided he didn't like it....

I just laughed b/c of all the times I remember saying~
"Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire" 
to others when I was about his age.

I don't think kids are that kind anymore...ha!

Can't believe its the EvE of my 46th birthday!
Honest, I am not lying!

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Kim said...

Happy birthday just a couple hours early!! Spend your day doing all the things you love!!!