Monday, January 26, 2015

Today is an A+ kind of day....

Where to begin??

  • The SUN is out and it may reach 40 degrees today!  
  • Yesterday we took down our Christmas tree.  As much as I love it up and enjoy the gentle warmth from the glow of the lights at night; I also really like rearranging furniture again and it feels like my living room just got bigger
  • I had an awesome sweat session on our stationary bike this morning ~ dare I say I loved it?
  • I am looking for an "accent" chair (or 2) for my living room....I can't find any thing I like or if I like the size its NOT comfy at I went to IKEA.  I didn't find a chair but I ran into a man that I haven't seen in over 10 years!!!  I was surprised he still remembered my name but, then again I remembered him so maybe I shouldn't be.  Weird how years go by and then suddenly you remember things that you haven't thought of for so long? 
  • I am taking my FIRST "ladies trip" in March!! OMG ~ I am so excited!!!! We are headed to California for my VERY first time and I cannot wait.

Yes, you may agree all those things make for an amazing Monday but wait there's more...kind of like the cherry on top...

I got a phone call from my mom earlier ~


What? What! What$#! What???

She and her hubby already have 4 wonderful children, they talked about another but knew it wasn't for the best...typical woes of money, time, getting older, smallish house, etc...etc....and her hubs pretty much wanted to be done.

Well, God had other plans ~ 

And even if for 4 years (their youngest just turned 4 or 3 ??!? My bad.) you never got pregnant by using the "no protection" we will just count the days and only "do it" when not ovulating method....there comes a time when IT just HAPPENS! 

I think they are all in a little shock still but I am more than thrilled
(especially since its her and not me!)


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Kim said...

WooHoo - you have all kinds of awesome things going on!!! I'm a little sad when we put up our Christmas stuff but it is nice to declutter:)
So exciting that you have a girl's trip coming up!!!

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