Sunday, January 18, 2015

It's all about the boy....

This weekend Owen had a swim meet at the U of MN Aquatic Center.  As with all meets we hurry up to get there by morning warm-ups and then we wait...and wait....and wait.  Until finally, he swims in his event and just like that it is over (average race for Owen depending on the stroke was 1:09 to 2:54 I think)

Yes, you read it right we wait about 60 minutes to watch, cheer and clap after 1 minute or so of his swimming.  FUN!  Well duh!! Of course, it was and is FUN.  It's warm.  It's quick. And for the most part we know other kids swimming so we can entertain ourselves with something and did I mention its WARM.

And of course, there is always a booth around to buy when he said he would love to swim for the U of MN in the future we went ahead and purchased him a swim cap to see how it would feel. ha!  (He said he loved it!)

He really is the best boy ever!!

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Kim said...

Exciting that he is thinking he might want to swim for U of MN!!!
And, like you, I don't mind any of the events and waiting when they are inside and warm!!!

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