Tuesday, January 6, 2015

And she's gone......what have these past couple of weeks taught me the most?

My girls with Grandma Muggy...their Great Grandma. 

This was taken about 5 years ago I think...one of my favorites for sure. 

Owen and Grandma.

Grandma was 96 years old...she would have celebrated her 97th birthday on February 23.

She joked that she only wanted to live until age 90 and then when that birthday came and went she said well 95 wouldn't be bad; and again when that milestone came and went she said well, "Maybe,  I will make it to 100".  Well, she didn't but she made it farther than many have.

She wanted to go in her sleep and that was granted.

The comment I remember most while growing up, that came straight from my mother's mouth A LOT ( and don't get me wrong I love my mom) was....

"You are just like your grandma"  ~ and~ "You have that Stallman attitude"

(Her maiden name was Stallman)

(Many of them do have an unique personality truth be told)

Well, grandma I have to stay I am OK with being your clone.


We all have ups and downs, better moments and worse, words we say without thinking first and words we wish we would have said instead of thinking too much....

We shared our night together before you passed....I said my good bye.

Until we meet again I will remember and try my best NOT to judge others because of a word, action or deed.  I do not know what they are going through.  The stress that may be upon them. The mental illness they may struggle with or the medications that they can't get regulated.

We grieve differently.
We are different.
We are all sinners....but we only have to be judged truly by our maker.

Thanks for the many conversations and stories shared while you were around...you were an amazing Woman ~ Mom ~ Grandma and Great Grandma!

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Kim said...

OH, Kathy - I'm so sorry!!! I know how special grandparents can be and how hard it is to give them up. Glad that a large part of your grandmother lives on in you.

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