Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Really? You want to do what.....

"Well, I have always wanted to smash my face in a cake and I talked about doing it on my birthday but that never happened....." said Makenzie one afternoon.

She had only two requests....
1.  That the frosting be bright and cheery
2.  The cake be white.

Sam's Club came through on both  "cake" requests and I came through on simply purchasing the cake.  Yes, YOU get to smash your face into the cake!!


That was easy...

It looks like fun?

Seriously Owen?

Whatever, you can take a cupcake and do the same if you really want to ....

Yes, he did!

I guess since he doesn't have orange hair like his dad and sisters at least he can have an orange face.

Who are these kids??

Ever do anything so random?

1 comment:

Kim said...

HaHa - so funny!!! Now, it will be interesting one day in the future to see if she wants wedding cake smashed into her face!

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