Friday, November 21, 2014

Who Am I ??

I am the mom that got excited when her last baby stepped on the bus to go to school.
(I am not the mom that cried)
 I am the kind of mom that still loves to see an exhausted child fall asleep in the back of a moving vehicle from having too much fun during the day.

I am the mom that takes pictures of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

No, I don't know why I do this...
I guess I like to look bad and have proof of worse times...
Or one may think I am a photographer for a new medical journal about to be printed....
I am thinking some of these photos could make the book.

I always enjoy taking pictures of the kiddos when they are being silly together.

on their first plane together...

or baking their first cake for mom (as a surprise to ME)!!

I do remember being very happy out on this hill.
(Crazy since I was cold and a little scared at times)
But, Kenzie did it so I did too...
 And Nicole (in the light blue) skied too.
And the laughter when dad fell on the "kiddy magic carpet" was 
and is a memory we still die LAUGHING over
many years later.

 I am a girl who will never win any race
and has found the most fun in 
running Beer Runs and..

Family 5k Runs...

What these pictures don't show is the daily stuff I have no control over ~

the part of my being that I want to figure out most~why I want so much from my kids when I am very willing to accept mediocrity for myself~why I can't handle doing the same thing day after day at a desk job but, I can handle being at home, by myself, doing the same thing around the house day after day just fine.

Why I always want more for my family than I want for myself.  Is it because I am truly lazy and don't want to work for it myself?  Easier to complain than show?  Doubt than try and fail?

Biggest fear?
My kids turning into me and having these same issues as long as I have.

Hopefully its not too late to change a few things
create new habits for ME and hopefully for THEM.

Any one else have fears?

Feel like you have failed?

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Kim said...

I feel like I've failed many times!!
I am similar to you - I expect big things from my boys but have quit really setting big (or any) goals for myself.
Maybe we should push each other!!

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