Wednesday, November 19, 2014

How do they do it??

 It's this time of year again.....
 It arrived sooner than expected and now we have to deal with it....
I know ~ I know ~ It could be worse.....thank the Lord MN is not receiving the amount of snow that Buffalo, NY just received.  I am sorry for them but so thankful is that wrong?

I dislike cold, snow, and everything about MN winter's.....I don't know why but, I am a different person during this time of year.  Depression?  S.A.D.? Ummm Maybe?  I have tried different medications but they don't seem to work.

Simply stated when its cold I am depressed.  Sad.  Lost. Different.  It takes everything I have to get dressed, to get motivated, and to do anything!!! If you don't experience it - you can't understand it - its so depressing that it makes me so mad at myself so then I turn to eating.

I try to talk myself into happy.  I remind myself how happier I am when outside biking, walking, sitting on the deck and eating healthier; but then one look out the windows at the wind billowing by and the blowing snow creating a mound in front of my door and I run to the kitchen.

I am not looking for sympathy just need to deal with it and figure out what will work for me.....sometimes just writing it down and speaking the truth helps.  How do you do it?  What helps you through the stuff that bothers you????

A much better time...

A lovely feeling!

I may start looking for a new job for hubby and me....South here we come.

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Kim said...

I'm right there with you - the winters are not my favorite at all. When I turned 40 I told Chris I thought it was time for me to winter elsewhere. It didn't happen. This year I turned 45 and I'm thinking this should be the year. (maybe 50!!)