Monday, September 15, 2014

I run for SUDS and beer!

 Saturday, September 13, 2014.....the morning was perfect.  The registration was spontaneous. The sore throat, foggy head, and tension headache quickly disappeared with some Midol (it is the cure for all pain in my book!) A 5k and we were under way.......
 or under bubbles!!! 
 BEST WAY to COOL OFF after a run????  SUDS BATH for sure!!

 We had a great time....getting sudsy, sunny, and thirsty.....time to wipe off and cash in those drink tickets....after all IT IS THE REAL reason we signed up for the run.....did you think it was for the cool green t-shirt we are wearing?  ha!

11:00 am...
Selfies are the best....especially when you can get a shadow of your hand and phone in the picture...
talent I tell ya!

Some run for time...some run for money....some run for fun!!



1 comment:

Kim said...

Are those real suds?! That is so cool!!
And, I'm all about running for beer (or wine!)!!!

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