Thursday, September 25, 2014

Do you feel its dying too?

My life?

My life is great!
I am busy, kids are happy (at least to my standards..ha!) hubby is more than satisfied!! 
(again ~ according to my definition ;-)

I have a new part time job that is amazing and we get to dress up 
in PANTHER PRIDE during Homecoming Week ~
feeling like a teen...and it felt weird!

Theme days are the thing to have during Homecoming...
this is the only picture I got of my girls on their 
Western Day....

This was another night where I tried to get a "nice" picture before heading to church to have our family picture taken for a new church directory coming out this winter.

No one listens to me.......ever!

I asked Kenzie to get a picture of the happy couple....
without knowing it she took some in black and white...

I guess I see where the kids get their "face making" abilities from.

So my turn to take a pic of Kenzie ~
in black and white...

Oh, so what's dying?  
Why the title?  
Did you even read it or remember it?  

The Answer:  My Blog life and time spent reading other blogs.

I don't understand why I am busier now?  I don't have the time to post ~ I don't feel I have much to share ~ I think of things and then really think "Who cares?" ~ Has the blog world lost its attraction like so many other fads that come and go?

I think it has.

And, I can't even believe I am going to say this but, I have become more of an Instagram and Twitter girl.  I recently made accounts in both to keep up with the teenagers and see what my girls are tweeting.....well, needless to say I have been guilty of tweeting myself.  

It is a great venue to know what events are going on at school both in sports and clubs.  Simple. Quick. Easy. Done.

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Kim said...

I will miss you!!!
I will have to follow you on Instagram and Twitter:)

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