Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Some July 4th fun and it's ALL-STAR BASEBALL talk around here....

July 4th has come and gone but the memories will live on....
We had beautiful weather on July 3rd and took full advantage of the lake

Here Owen and Dawson are waiting for a "girl change" on the other raft.

 Nicole and Ethan were in charge of making sure the ropes were not around the motor before take off.

 Hubby in blue is chilling nicely and our friends on the left had just jumped back in the pontoon after a short swim on the sand bar.

Although, the "sand bar" wasn't sandy due to all the rain we have received.
What usually is a little sand island in the middle of the lake was more of a sand wading pool since the water came up to our thighs...totally fun except for the chigger bites we received as a reminder after.

Megan, Makenzie and Marit getting ready to take off..

And of course teens love it when a cousin offers to curl their hair....

Thanks Marly for making Makenzie and Marit look even more pretty in curls!

Once home Nicole and I had to buy some groceries ~ we did not buy this Coke 
but it was fun finding her name on it and it was the ONLY family name we found...
lucky girl!

This past weekend Minnesota has been host to the ALL-STAR BASEBALL GAME ~ the game actually takes place tonight but there have been festivities all weekend long.  I don't know if any of you have seen any sports coverage of it (the Home Run Derby last night or the Celebrity Softball game which was on Sunday) but it sure has been fun hearing about the first hand fun from my brother in law and nephew who are staying with us while they take it all in!!  That was a nice birthday present to Mason (nephew) who turned 18 this summer....I am sure he will be thanking his parents forever for it.  ;-)


Kim said...

Looks like y'all had a lot of fun with family!!
Love the curls in the girls hair - beautiful!!!
I think the All-Star game was on in the "happy hour lounge" at our hotel the other night.

Rachelle Q said...

What a fun weekend! My son came home early from a friend's house just to watch the home run derby on TV;)