Saturday, July 12, 2014

Everything is happening too fast...

Just about ~ close enough ~ almost ~ 
half way 
Summer is almost over!

It seems like just yesterday we were planning (back in April) for the cousins to stay a week and attend Camp Omega with Owen during the summer.  The planning was done.  The week came. It went and now as I look back at these photos they seem sooo long ago.

This most awesome picture was taken at the Mall Of America just outside of Lego Land ~
the entire wall art is made out of Legos!!

So cool!

(a closer look) 

Hey Look ~ Makenzie took another selfie ~

Here I go aging myself again.....
I don't even know if Blue's Clues is still on TV but when we noticed him walking around I actually got more excited than these kids ~ Blue was HUGE while Nicole was a toddler and her 2nd birthday was themed after the blue puppy himself! 

So, yes, I made the boys take a picture and Blue had fun with them too!

just wish Nicole would have been there for a photo too ;( 

And lastly this boy and this cat.....

Ethan laid on the floor and Jackie came right over to check him out....
loving every minute of it!

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Kim said...

I love that one of the boys is dressed all in "high-lighter" yellow (as Hunter calls it!!) - Hunter would be super impressed!!
I remember the days when Blues Clues was very important around here!!!

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