Monday, June 23, 2014

kitchen floor changes......

This was our floor in the kitchen and entry/hallway.
It looks ok in the picture but looks can be deceiving.....those grooves between the pieces collected crumbs like you wouldn't believe and oh! how it needed to be sanded and restained.
 (personal dislike)

 This was our lovely (NOT!) mudroom....white vinyl flooring...

First they laid the white sub-board
then they laid the tiles....

next, grout....and spacer thingies....
(you know what I mean right?)

Note: top photo has "old" green pain from kitchen and bottom picture has "new" tan paint to match the hallway...just flowed better.

Hallway leading to front door from the kitchen.!

Flooring is definitely a personal choice.
Many people LOVE wood floor ~ and that's great ~ hubby and I weren't thrilled with what we had  and wanted a change.  We choose the porcelain tile and couldn't be more happy.

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Kim said...

I love the tile!!
Did y'all do the work or have someone do it?
In our old house we tiled a couple of bathrooms and the laundry room (by we I mean Chris!) - tedious work!!


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