Monday, June 16, 2014

Kind of pictures you find on my daughter's phone.........

Selfies with her friend Jerrica....probably after running? 

 Selfies with her mom...while shopping for plants weeks ago.

Oh yes, that was a photo bomb!

Pictures of her friends on the last day of school 
(or close to the last day...not really sure?!)

Hmmmm...looks like Perkins with dad and Owen...

 I took these two to HOM with me.
While I checked out the clearance section on the 2nd floor ~ they checked out the 
FREE cookies and soda in the "Kids lounge" on the first floor.
(selfie caught)

Before Kenzie left for Washington last week with about 100 kids from 8th grade she told me she really wanted an ice cream cone....I shared with her a story of younger days when I would push the ice cream on her face and she would laugh....I said I would buy her a cone if I could do that again....
What do you know...
She agreed!

pictures, quotes, anything

Almost 2 weeks in to summer vacation and so much has been happening....
I will catch up with the details soon.


Rachelle Q said...

Fun pics:) Makes me want to check out my son's phone;)

Kim said...

I love the pictures!!! 100 8th graders all on the same trip?! Fun time!

How have you been spending your time???

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