Monday, June 2, 2014

Finally its my have someone style MY hair!

While I was sitting at the computer the other night Makenzie thought it would be fun to try and braid my hair.  I warned her that my hair has a mind and life of its own.  

She said, "It's great mom!" 
"I wish I had it..."

Wow! Really?  OK, then....have at my hair girl!

Would you believe after trying only one braid 
she decided pigtails and pony tails would be more fun...

Whose bright idea was it to try ponytails?
I remember this look back when I was maybe 6...

I think she was both tired of my hair and proud that she could make my hair look so silly....
of course, I played along to the best of my ability.

Crazy her!


Kim said...

Oh, you are such a fun MOM!!
And, I think the pigtails are cute!!!

STUFT mama said...

Love it! I better try to get my boys to help with my hair again. Ha ha!

Jennifer A said...

So much fun!

How have you been spending your time???

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