Tuesday, May 27, 2014

What have the girls been up to???

Trying to make our faces look thinner...

by George! I think it worked!

 Hubby and I attended a morning program for Kenzie (far left) and a bunch of other 8th graders who were being recognized for mighty great things before heading off to HIGH SCHOOL in the fall!!!   

Two High School Students in this family???  

How did that happen so fast?

Especially when I am not a day older than 25? 

Had a little visit from this guy!!
He is a vampire from "Vampire Diaries" ~ my girls are cray cray for vampires and
are enjoying the fact that they have opened my heart and eyes to vampires too...

Did you know a vampire cannot just enter your house?  You must "invite" them in....

Coley did not hesitate and invited this one in immediately!!
What is that on the wall behind them?
Just a million and one quotes from a certain vampire show and a certain vampire she is a bit obsessed with currently.....Ah, to be 17 again!  HA!

Best 17th Birthday present E.V.E.R.!!

What have the men of the family been doing?

Hub has had work, work, work ~ meetings, homework, and yard work ~ what would this family do with out HIM?!  Thanks for all you do for us each and every day!!

Owen, well he is 11 now and enjoys the fun life that an 11 year old life has to offer ~ EXCEPT ~ this weekend when he woke up covered in "Prickly Heat" or a "Heat rash".....Benadryl, relaxing in the cool basement, and some naps later he is doing much better.  ;-)

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Kim said...

Wow - y'all have been busy!!! Congrats on the 8th grade promotion and 17th birthday!!!
Bummer on the heat rash - that is miserable!!

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