Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Makenzie and her friend took 1st and 2nd place during the recent "Mighty Mile" run at their middle school....and in Olympic fashion posed with their medals in their mouth.

(just a few germs there I am guessing....ha!)

 Hubby and I were recently sitting on the deck while I relaxed and he took to cleaning his golf clubs....just in case the sun would be replaced by rain clouds he was going to be ready.

You know your girl is cray cray for a certain actor when you start to look through your photos and find at least 50 new ones "which have been saved" of this guy....

 yep,  the vampire....

and the vampire with his vampire brother..

To think when I was that age the only pictures I saw of Shawn Cassidy, Scott Baio, and Leif Garrett were when I splurged on a Teen Beat magazine......girls these days have photos beyond photos of every thing at their fingertips....oh, technology!

(And that doesn't even include ALL THE VIDEOS too!)

Another beautiful day here in MN...Ahhhh!

I have to enjoy it because the days are numbered now until school is out and my quiet life with the animals during the day is OVER!  

Bawawawawa.....just crying a little bit.


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Kim said...

Congrats on the 1st and 2nd place in the race!!!
Funny how often when we are talking about something the boys say, "just look it up on your phone." I guess there really is no excuse to not be able to find something out these days!!

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