Thursday, May 1, 2014

It's May! Busy couple of weeks and VD!

 Happy May...May Day....May baskets....

(May 2nd is my Dad's 72nd Birthday ~
Here's an early wish to him!)

Have you been thinking, "Where is Kathy and what has she been up to?"  hahaha!  I know, I know, I know better....but, just in case the thought ever did cross your mind I will gladly fill you in as to our activities the past couple of weeks.....

Dying Easter Eggs....
 I usually let the kids and hubby dye eggs while I am preparing the meal on Easter.  A few days after Easter I decided to crack a bunch of eggs and make egg salad.  I found this "KT" egg in the carton and sweet hubby made an egg with my initials....(I knew his writing so figured it was him)

I moved the egg.....

sweet thoughts were cracked...
just like these eggs 
when I read...

hubbies initials....not mine!

But that sad moment didn't last too long because I had to start planning for a
11th Birthday
that was 

 He still loves Legos, money and candy......He picked the ice cream log for his "birthday cake" and bowling with the family as the birthday activity...

We went bowling in the afternoon and didn't realize it was "disco bowling"...
loved the lights, neon, and music.....


FUN times for sure!

Almost forgot...that wasn't the only event going on that weekend.

He also had a Spring Swim meet hosted by our swim club.
Love that because its close and not far to drive but, also means parents are asked to volunteer to work the meet.  We signed up to be "timers" during the Saturday morning session.  

No disappointment there....front row action, free snacks, and a "saved seat", no wind, rain or snow..
I will gladly volunteer for any swim meet to see this smile afterwards.

My girls have corrupted me once again.

I/we don't have cable.  The channels/shows are limited.  I/we have never watched Vampire Diaries (VD ~ what did you think?) ...until we signed up for a free month of Netflix and the girls went crazy.  So crazy that the oldest one fell in love with the above show and went out shortly after watching many seasons and bought the DVD's to watch them again!!  

As a past Twilight fan....Team Edward all the way...I decided to watch just a couple of episodes....well, I am now HOOKED.  Hooked by the plot, the characters, the cast, the suspense of it all.......ever watched????  If so, what do you think?

The busy hasn't slowed down.....this weekend Makenzie is getting confirmed.  We attended the confirmation banquet last night and will have the service this parents and sister are coming to stay with us too....busy, busy, busy, but its a lovely kind of busy!

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Kim said...

You have been super busy - but so much good stuff!
Bummer on the egg - maybe he was trying to include both of y'all's names togethers!!!
Enjoy the confirmation weekend with your family.
BTW - I've never watched Vampire Diaries or Twilight.

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