Monday, May 5, 2014

Best weekend ever!!

You know the have planned, made lists, bought groceries, set out recipes, cleaned the house, made food, checked the list again and again and then asked hubby to run to the store one more time because you may need just one more thing or you forgot just one thing.

Maybe a little sleep was lost.

Maybe you stressed a bit.

Maybe you had a couple of glasses of wine here and there to relax.

Then, it arrived.  The big Day!  The company came.  The hugs, the conversations, the laughs, the stories, the eats and drinks.

And the big moment....the occasion we prepared 4 years and a week for.....her confirmation!!!

It was time proclaim her faith to God in front of her family, friends, and a packed church.

Beautiful Day if I do say so myself!

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