Saturday, April 19, 2014

Great things overflowing....

Jesus has Risen.....He Has Risen Indeed!

Owen received his First Communion during our Maundy Thursday service on the 17th.

 Below is a picture after the service with our Senior Pastor Bob and Assistant Pastor Matt.

 Then on Saturday morning Cary and I ran in the Hot Chocolate 5K/15K......
Hmmmm?  Guess which one we ran in?

 The 5K of course!
After a long winter of learning and perfecting what it means to be a couch potato we decided to sign up for a race that would motivate our butts off that comfy worked too!
(I actually have a bit of the running bug slowly entering my blood again...YEA!)

 The above photos were taken at 6:30 AM before we left for downtown Mpls.....proudly holding our Hot Chocolate drawstring backpack....just one of the swag items we received.  ;-)

Before the race...what a beautiful background if I do say so myself.
(It was about 38 degrees at the start and a light wind)

 Lovely "after" selfie.

Can you see the Finish Line in the background?
It's right above hubbies me its there!

We did it ...ran the whole thing...didn't walk once =

 Post Party food...who needs a medal when you get a cup full of chocolate?
(Do you see why I wanted to sign up for this race?)
In the cup: Hot Chocolate (never thought that would taste good after running but it was GREAT!) melted fondue, graham crackers, small rice krispie, banana, marshmallow, mini pretzel pack and a PEEP CHICK....all dipped in the fondue were AMAZING! 
And yes, the PEEP went down first!

Wait...there's still more....
The jacket.
After the much needed warm shower!

Look complete with thumb holes and a sweet purple hood....

Curious....Do you wear your gear during the race or wait until after you have actually finished the race?  I always heard you can't "wear it until you've earned it".  Another words, don't wear the gear until after the race.....which is exactly what I/we did!  

(Although, we were in the minority since about 90% of the runners/walkers were sporting their gear during the race.  To each their own right?  :) 

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Kim said...

WooHoo - great job on that race!!! Love the jacket/shirt - anything with thumb holes is always good!
Hope you had a great Easter!

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