Wednesday, April 23, 2014

conversations with a store clerk....

I just ran an errand here.
The male teen who checked out my items 
(bwahaha! that sounds wrong but you know what I mean!)
asked me if I had any big plans for the weekend....trying to make polite conversation while working, with an older, married woman...what a nice boy!!

 I brought up this boy!
 Explaining that he happens to have a birthday this Sunday and
 as a family we will be going bowling!! 

 We have had our bowling adventures in the past....

he went on to share that by coincidence his "Recreational Activity" high school class just went bowling last week where by complete luck and with a touch of "being a jerk" (his words not mine) he bowled a 233!!

Then jokingly added ... "Let's see if your son can beat my high score"....  

Hmmm, what does an old, married woman say to that????

"You are not going to believe this but, when I was in 8th grade ~ MY class went bowling for P.E. I TOO HAD AN UNBELIEVABLE GAME ~ NO MATTER WHAT I DID OR HOW I THREW THE BALL THE PINS FELL DOWN ~ MY SCORE?  A 235!!" 



Guess my son doesn't have to beat your high game b/c I already did years ago ~
(thought it didn't say it!)
(and of course I shared my story in a very nice, "I can't believe our bowling connection", and what a small world it is....kind of way)

***Secretly smiling inside all the way out to my car***


Kim said...

What a fun conversation!!
You go bowling Queen!!!
Hope y'all have fun bowling - maybe someone will have one of those great games!

Rachelle Q said...

Hey Kathy! I wondered where you went off to? New blog, cool! The young teen guy checkers are so much more entertaining than the old ladies that don't crack a smile;)

She did it and then I did it again.....

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