Monday, March 17, 2014

When school projects take over your kitchen and Sunday afternoon

She had 3 choices.  Research and write a report. Put together a power point presentation with pictures on the region, culture etc… or find a recipe(s), make a list, buy ingredients (*ahem yea that would be us*) make the food, take pictures and put together a poster board of the whole thing.

Guess what she chose?

 Waa Laa….Moroccan Flat Bread…..a staple at almost every meal but especially when having meat in Morocco.  So, where's the Beef?

 First dice the tomatoes.
 add your spices…lots of them in the sauce and meat…

Roll meat mixture into balls
(left that picture out)

 put some meatballs in with the sauce and bake some alone
(don't have to bake alone ~ we did b/c the pot seemed full)

Enjoy!  This happened to be a picture of my meal….I poured the Moroccan Meatballs and sauce over a salad and hubby and kids had it over noodles (which they recommended ~ that or rice) Overall, we all enjoyed the meal.  

Hubby REALLY liked it but then he likes spicy dishes….kind of like his wife….haha! (That comment was for you babe)  I liked it but unfortunately it gave me heartburn most of the evening so I will NOT be having seconds today ~ too spicy for me.  

It was fun and nice having someone else do the work and clean up after a meal.  ;-) This was one class project I didn't mind helping with at all.  


Kim said...

What a fun project!!! That is definitely the choice I would have made, too!!
Bummer that it was too spicy for you - guess you already have enough spice!

Fow said...

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Santa?....Those eyes?....and this is probably how she got lice.

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