Monday, March 31, 2014

We save, laugh and then pitch….

School projects!
For whatever reason 4th grade is the year around here that the MOST school projects are assigned~ completed and then brought home.  After working on it for weeks I always feel bad just to toss it when the kids bring them home so they sit downstairs for weeks, months, and sometimes years!

 Evidence of the years I saved the STATE FLOAT project!

This spring as with all "springs" its time for spring cleaning.
(Could I use the word spring any more?)
 The floats were brought up from the basement.
 They each "proudly" held their work of art….posed for pictures…..
and then we bagged them up and tossed them out!

(No photos taken… was a quiet moment….but trust me it happened)

After a second of silence we all returned to our normal activities…
I do not believe any one of them will be scarred for life b/c of
this traumatic event.

Now if I could just get my hubby to do the same with MANY of his school-age projects, baseball cards, and past "family thingamajigs" I truly don't believe we will ever find a use for plastic wind chime at this point in our life.  hahaha!

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Kim said...

I'm the same way - picture to keep then pitch the project!!!
And, all the artwork when they were little? I saved a few, took pictures of all and tossed a bunch!!

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