Saturday, March 15, 2014

It's been awhile…..what is really going on?!

 What can I say life has been busier and I have been lazier.  Lazy in eating, Lazy in exercising, Lazy in cleaning, and well, Lazy in LIFE…….but, sometimes I think I have a reason (or an excuse).

Your right  ~ I have no workout to show you.  No picture of my great low calorie, taste great, Paleo meal I had for supper last night.  No update on the pounds I have lost.  NOTHING!


Because lately things have just bugged me (ha!) and maybe I am boycotting all the "RIGHT" things I should be doing according to BLOGS, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, and TWITTER and just being KATHY to see how that works…..

Why do I still waste time checking Facebook everyday?  Do I need to see that my first grade friend is now friends with a second grade friend and she just wished a kindergarten friend a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and maybe I should do the same?  

Do I need to hear about my neighbor's kids who have been sick all winter and the latest sick child she brought into the doctors office actually shot diarrhea out her pants and down the mom's arm while carrying her sick daughter into be checked? 

Lately when I have talked with other mom's about their children and how OUR kids are going to be seniors next year (scares me and thrills me just the same) I have heard stories of how gifted and smart their children are.  About the AP classes, the homework, the sports, the volunteering, the Eagle Scout Award and now ceremony, the parties they are going to and simply how BUSY their student is…it's a wonder they survive.

But wait there's more!

They still manage to achieve a grade point average of  4.4 or above ~ oh, the perfect life they lead!!

Well, let me share…..the world needs my average kiddos to have your kiddo appear above average.  How boring life would be if we all excelled and how boring if we all were average.  So I say "Congrats to yours" but, behind every great CEO is a ROCKSTAR of a secretary.  Yours can be the CEO ~ mine may be your secretary.  

I am like a broken record…..and why not?!  Like I said before some highlight workouts daily, some highlight food eaten, some talk about their past marathons and upcoming marathons, some talk about their kids and family…(OH WAIT! Maybe that's just ME!  ;-)

Any who ~ I have mentioned my issue with wanting to lost the same 15 pounds ~ I start and fail, start and fail.  My mind is just not there…so I guess I just wanted to post about that AGAIN.

And well, finally.  

Maybe this is just the release of all silly thoughts a cleansing if you will.  I always say I am looking for my "passion".  Those that LOVE to exercise ~ make healthy meals ~ volunteer ~ or post daily poops by their kids on Facebook my heart may actually be jealous of you.  You seem to have found your passion and love life to the fullest. 

I watch my kids play video games, I watch my hubby enjoy his sports channel on TV, I see my girls giddy about the latest Instagram post……maybe that is their passion?  Maybe I am just jealous…..or maybe my PASSION is FOOD!? 

Have I been denying it this whole time?  It is the thing I focus on most?! Then, I told hubby I am not going to worry about any thing and as long as he and the family are happy life is good!  What? ~  Could that be my passion?  Just keep the family happy!  

Hmmm…. Has it been right there all along and I missed it?

Who knows? 

I surely don't…..but I will keep on keeping on until I figure it out!

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Kim said...

I think that your passion to keep your family happy is the best passion there is!! And, from what I've seen/read - your kids are amazing!!! The girls both had a great CC season and your little cutie son is turning into quite a swimmer!!!
I love hearing about what they are up to. And, every post I read over here I can see how close your family is - to me that is the most important thing there is!!

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