Thursday, March 27, 2014

Because I am great at sharing random pictures...

 Can I win an award for lamest blogger?  Well, if that was an award category I just may…..but, good thing I am not worried about winning any awards with this blog!  ha!  (It's just here for sharing with family and friends who are a little curious about the goings on in our daily or weekly life….the boring but full of routine with a splash of fun life)

St. Patty's Day!  Kids are never too old to have a visit from a leprechaun ….and sometimes they even turn your milk green…..
 and the only evidence left behind after a morning of green eggs was the crud on the side of the cover….proof green eggs are just as good ~ if not better than regular eggs ~….although, we did not have them in a box, with a fox or while wearing socks.

One of the many perks of my morning school job is seeing Owen in his first hour class ~ GYM!

Last week was roller skating or roller blading week. 

Owen opted for the old fashion roller skates…..he doesn't own the blades and blades were not provided but IF you had your own you could bring them in.  We do not so skating he did go….and by the looks of the smile he enjoyed himself too.

And finally, no picture but a random happening.  After knocking on wood, and crossing fingers whenever I talk about how healthy our family and specifically our kiddos have been this winter all that came to a halt yesterday.  Kenzie came home with a fever/chills/sweats/ etc…..first kid down.

Here's hoping it doesn't spread to the others in this team…..especially with the weekend right around the corner!

Have a thankful Thursday!!

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Kim said...

Oh, poor Kenzie! I hope that this is one of those short lived things and doesn't make the round in your family.
So cool that y'all celebrated St. Patrick's Day - we are super lame and did nothing!

She did it and then I did it again.....

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