Tuesday, March 25, 2014

24 hrs. with the cousins in DL

When we received an invitation to her 3rd birthday party I thought that would be fun to go to….when I checked the calendar and we actually had an "open" weekend I thought that we will have to go….but, 
when we got there and I watched the cousins play, run, laugh, scream, cry (b/c of a certain 10 pound dog..ha!) hide, seek, eat, sing, play ping pong and simply have fun…..

I was so happy we did! 

The "girl" cousins with the birthday girl in the Dora shirt!

The perfect dozen!

Back row:  Mason, Makenzie, Marly, Birthday Girl Kenly, Nicole
Middle row:  Riley, Ethan, Megan, Dawson, and Owen
Front row:  Marit and Caleb

Lots of fun!
Lots of "M" names ;-)
Lots of food…
Lots of tired kids on the ride home

Lots of priceless times together.

1 comment:

Kim said...

What a great group of kids - all cousins??
So cool that they love being together so much!!!
Definitely worth the drive and having tired kids!

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