Friday, February 21, 2014

Yep…another SNOW DAY here! ***update with a pic and poem***

Don't get me wrong…

The district TOTALLY did the right thing by calling off school today.

I have always been a little "happy" knowing that I am a Minnesotan and I don't own a snowblower.
(Who needs one when we are strong and able ?!)
(And now we have children who are strong and able too!)

Last I heard I think we received another 9 inches yesterday.
Add to that the blowing drifts and about an hours worth of rain prior to the snow and 
you will get a 
back breaking

We did do what we could in shifts yesterday.
Hubby got up early to shovel himself a path out before he left.
it is up to the kids and me to finish the rest and tackle the drifts…
as the wind keeps blowing and the drifts keep coming.

We have all day to get it done..
we will take it inch by inch..

I am praying a neighbor with a snowblower takes pity on me.

If not though ~ 
it will be an awesome back and shoulder work out!

Thank You!

About 30 minutes after my first post
 (with thoughts of shoveling running through my head)
I heard the roar ~ but I will not boast
for to my prayer came a man in red

he didn't have presents, a sleigh, or reindeer
his face was rosy
and jolly he appeared

he pushed this beast
it was hungry for snow
but as soon as it ate
out the top it did go

I almost cried and thought its not fair
he freezing and me in here

with a walk and a push
the beast was through
as quick as he came
just as fast it blew

Our neighbor Bill
helped us out today
How will I be able to repay?

1 comment:

Kim said...

Cookies for the neighbor!!!
We have a neighbor who does the rounds, too. Of course, when he comes here, Chris always goes out and does the blower and has Brad (neighbor) sit and drink a beer!!
I can't believe y'all got even more snow - yuck!!!

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