Sunday, February 9, 2014

Well that was fun!

 Aw ~ the sun light coming in (not complaining) was not the best while taking this photo of my parents and Owen.  ;-(  We met yesterday for a late lunch.  It was sort of a half way point for us, they actually drove a little more then we did but it was worth it to eat at Granite City and YUMMY!
  After our lunch I received some "early" birthday presents in the parking lot, took a few crazy photos, and we were off back to our separate cities for the remainder of winter.
 One of my favorite gifts ~ a picture of my parents on their 50th wedding anniversary.  We were going to go north for a celebration but the weather foiled those plans and we didn't make it.  My sister took this picture of them...
 Then the sillies hit...
 My dad isn't big on hugs….Nicole isn't always either…..
 The two of them together made for some funny faces….
 and the photo bomber in back has some pretty good facials too…way to go Kenzie!
 TO ME….on Tuesday…..but I will gladly accept any early boxes or cards
 guess that's me!

And mom even brought roses too!

I told Cary he is off the hook completely for Valentine's Day.

I don't need any gifts, candy, and now I don't need flowers…score!
Saving money like no tomorrow…I am cheap like that and LOVE it!

Well, a few more days until I really turn 45 on the 11th but so far it has been a great start to an even bigger year ahead.

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Kim said...

Oh - so fun that you got to meet up with your parents for lunch!!
Happy Birthday week!!! I hope that the entire week is awesome (and warm - isn't that what you are wishing for?!) Here's to a great year of 45!!

How have you been spending your time???

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