Sunday, February 23, 2014

Randoms from this week….and she is 96!

I found Rudy like this one day..
 At the beginning of the week it was beautiful
on Thursday it all changed!
 At the beginning..
 And in the end it was too depressing too take any photos…ha!  So I will share what Owen opted to do with his snow day on Friday…..Make Lego Olympians of course!  The guy in front is holding his skeleton sled.
 Freestyle or Slalom skiers.

Nice job Owen!  Very creative and cute!  
Much more fun to look at these guys then the mounds of snow outside.

And guess what today officially is???? My Grandma's 96th birthday!! Not every day you turn 96!

Here we are about 4 years ago….when she was just 91 or 92 ….I have said it before but I will say it again….I AM THE EXACT REPLICA OF HER!!! There is no question that her gene pool is my gene pool….weird how that works sometimes.

Just wondering if I will live that long too?  ;-)

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Kim said...

Happy birthday to your grandma - she is gorgeous!!
Love the Lego Olympians - very creative for sure.
And, I think I missed the picture where it was beautiful at the beginning of the week because I just saw pictures with tons of snow!!! I hope it warms up and melts all your snow soon.

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