Thursday, February 27, 2014

Randoms are becoming my life...

Kenzie cannot even decide what to do..
yes, the sun may be shining but,
It is cold..
And since I have been trying to make better choices with my food,
portion control, and closet eating issues another problem has resurfaced.
Nail biting!!
(But that's not all... when its cold my fingers also crack.  As in the skin around my nails and right at the tip of my nail…which means open wounds.  Ever had an open wound in hot water?  In Salt? 
Winter better come to an end soon or my body won't make it through to the next season!

 A week ago I was driving home ~ around dusk ~ with the kiddos and for some reason I grabbed my phone and asked Kenzie to snap a few pictures of the piles of snow.
Right. outside. our. house.
  Turning in to the driveway.
 The left edge of the driveway.
The right edge…can't show one side and not the other.
The mounds are as tall as me!! 
That is something I am not proud of!

Something I am proud of?
She had her first day at her new job on Monday!! 
I asked if I could take a picture before she left and she immediately replied, "NO!"…I will assume she was nervous and not just being negative toward me.  ;-)
(I know she was nervous…
who isn't starting a new job or their VERY FIRST JOB?)

However, she wasn't going to say no twice….
 I was ready when she got home and snapped this one.

Photo bomber Kenzie wanted in too.

 And after, she let me take a silly one of her any way.

I couldn't believe it when I found him like this AGAIN!
He is becoming very good at tucking himself under the blanket in the perfect position.
If these cold days continue I won't be surprised if I find him wrapped up like a baby in a bunting.

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Kim said...

That snow is insane!! It makes me sad!
Hooray for starting the new job - I hope she loves it!

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