Monday, February 3, 2014

Just a glimpse of Sunday mornings swim action….

 Sunday we went back to the pool!  Owen had one more race…the 200 Freestyle.  We did not have to be a timer this morning but as you can see the timers (sitting in the chairs) had the best seats in the house!  Again it was busy ~ not as busy as Saturday ~ but busy.
 Another angle of another team….these kids took off right before Owen's race.
 See the boy whose elbow appears to be touching the silver ladder handle?  That's Owen!! He is waiting for the girls to finish their event before his begins.  Oh the nerves he had at that moment!
And he's off….he is closest to us. 
He ended up getting 3rd in his heat and a 5th place ribbon for his "B" time overall!! This was his first time attempting the longer distance and when I asked him if it felt "REALLY LONG" he said "No, they swim that and more during practice".  ;-)  *just not at a racing pace*

What I learned:

1.  Dress in layers ~ you get warm very fast!

2.  Put my hair ~ the humidity does a number on this mop of mine.

3.  Bring a water bottle instead of coffee….I do not need to be any warmer on the inside.

4.  Swim meets are fun!


5.  Owen definitely found his sport…he loves swimming and is one happy little boy!

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Kim said...

#5 is the best!!! So glad that he has found his sport!!!
He did a great job at his first meet!

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