Thursday, February 6, 2014

Just 5 days….

What can you do in 5 days or in 5 minutes?

  • Gain 5 pounds?
  • Lose 5 pounds?
  • Keep training for that race that is not even on the calendar but hoping can be done soon?
  • Lose sleep….
  • watch a friends dog…..
  • curse your dog all night long due to his whining but then feel a little sorry for him after he licked the sliding glass door this morning and he tongue started to bleed….every where!
  • laundry
  • sign child #2 up for her Freshman fall classes…
  • watch child #1 sign up for her SENIOR fall classes!
  • print out DQ ice cream cake coupons
  • CRY ~ b/c you feel exhausted from no sleep ~ and overwhelmed with the 10 lb. whiner of a weiner
  • LAUGH ~ b/c you have a great life ~ and you are crying over a 10lb. whiny weiner dog?!?!
  • PRAY ~ for my friend who is going through his last dose of chemo ~ HE IS EXHAUSTED ~ HE is having his tumor removed 2/24/14 ~ HIS WISH??? To be able to coach his sons' (who will be 9 & 7) football team this fall.
  • Reflect on what went on over the last year
  • Wonder what memories will be made this year
  • Enjoy these last 5 days being 44
  • Imagine what 45 will feel like in just 5 short days!

1 comment:

Kim said...

So many things can be done in 5 days!!
I hope your friend's surgery is successful!
A senior?!
I like that you are paving the way into 45!!! You will rock it and I will join you soon!

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