Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I got THEM and more….

 BROOKS shoes just fit my feet.
Knowing I was due for new shoes I was giddy when I first read about the Transcend by BROOKS coming out February 1st.  I figured that would be my birthday gift FOR SURE!

And look ~ 
they were!

I tried them on immediately (not an outfit match I know)
and LOVE at first fit!

Snow, snow go away, I really want to get out and play!
 (wearing my new shoes of course)

The finale of the big day was supper out with these sillies…
when dinner became more about selfies than the birthday I knew it was time to leave.

Awful photo of me and nice look from daughter equals b-day must be over!
Too much celebrating/eating/drinking has been done.

But not before I share a little something that my friend dropped off for me.

The front and back of this mug.
I am wondering how long it will be before I draw a black line through that heart.
As in "I don't heart my Dachshund"

kidding ~ maybe!
I can say that … I am 45…. I can be out of control!

1 comment:

Kim said...

Love the new shoes!!! They will make your next run so very great!
Looks like y'all had a fun day - glad it was good.

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