Monday, February 10, 2014

I am so bad….

and I am so lucky…
Aren't my flowers opening up beautifully?

This is why I say hubby is off the hook on Friday
(Not that he was ever "On the Hook" b/c I usually tell him NOT to buy me anything on Valentine's Day anyway.  NOTHING. PERIOD. ZIP. ZILCH.)

I don't want sweet nothings b/c a little "cupid" told him today is the day to do so…
if its done ~ I want it to be solely from HIS heart on HIS own doing.

What's that?
We don't keep much in our garage freezer/fridge these days….but today was the jackpot!
(Hmmm, did I intentionally check the freezer hoping to be surprised?)
*I am sneaky like that*
 Were they waiting to surprise me tomorrow?
 Look who is surprised now?
 Hmmm…dare I cut into it???

You will have to check back tomorrow to find out…..

1 comment:

Kim said...

HaHa - so funny that you found it a day early!!! I bet you put it up and let them keep the surprise!!!
Happy birthday tomorrow!!!

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