Thursday, January 9, 2014

What i Think i Know Today…..

1.  Changing up my blog look is about as much fun as getting highlights!
Yea for instant gratification!!

2.  It's going to be 11 ABOVE today…
which means:

I will be a HAPPY snowman!

3.  Having a 12 year old van THAT STARTS on very cold mornings 
is a wonderful, wonderful thing.

4.  Waking up to a warm house on very cold mornings is simply priceless.

5.  Having the family sit around the living room while talking about 
*The Lion King
*Little Mermaid
*Toy Story
*A Bug's Life
*Beauty and the Beast
and MORE ~ 
can only mean we are very excited about our upcoming trip!!

6.  Why 6? Why Not? Or I could say well, it is January 9th today and if you turn a 9 upside down it looks like a 6 …so in honor of that today will be 6 things…

6.  Christmas cash is a lovely thing. I spent some of mine on a Pilates Reformer class at my Y.
It starts today and I am looking forward to it….I think it is helping my hip so that is a very good thing…and if I am wrong well at least it is helping my head.  haha!

What do you know today?

1 comment:

Kim said...

I love that you change your blog site around - I don't because I'm techie challenged!!!
Fun that y'all are all talking Disney these days!

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