Thursday, January 30, 2014

Top 10 "What I Know today"….this last Thursday of January!!

10.  I about cried when I got off work today and witnessed our 3-car drive way full of at least 3 inches of snow and blowing snow (which means hard packed drifts in some areas)

9.  I did cry when, 5 minutes after I started to tackle the snow, I heard the snow plow coming down the street.  Big deal??? ***It is when you own the house on the corner  the plow turns the corner and drops ALL THE SNOW and ICE CHUNKS ~ it has picked up from the street behind us ~ in our driveway.**** I call it the back breaking or heart attack aching dump!!

8. The whole time I was shoveling I kept thinking of our new TV hubby just bought.  I am all for the TV don't get me wrong…its greaaaat! However, during my 90 minute shoveling workout I kept thinking how awesome it would have been had we bought a snowblower instead.  ;-)

7. I really stink after a 90 minute shoveling workout.

6.  Not only did I need a shower but my calf length down coat needed to be washed ~ it stunk too.

5. I got a quick buzz while shoveling!!!  Not THAT kind of buzz ~  it was a  FitBit buzz instead.  It actually when buzzy crazy by 11:30…first time I hit 10,000 steps so early in the day.

4.  I did something to my right shoulder/neck area toward the end of my snow workout.  I feel a little twinge when I turn or lift my arm quickly…..typical.  ;-(

3.  A spinach/almond milk/banana/ice/and dash of whey protein smoothie mixed in my Magic Bullet after shoveling tasted wonderful!!

2.  The shower was better.

and the #1 thing I know today……..

1.  I can't be more thrilled that January is almost over!!!

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Kim said...

I detest shoveling the snow - I only do it when I can't see any way to avoid it (like driving over it!!). It makes me really cranky even if I try to tell myself that it is a great workout!

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