Friday, January 3, 2014

Thank You Govenor Dayton….

Dayton closes Minn. schools Monday ahead of cold

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The Associated Press

"The safety of Minnesota's schoolchildren must be our first priority," Dayton said in a statement. The National Weather Service is forecasting the lowest temperatures in at least a decade Monday, with air temperatures that could reach as low as -30 degrees and high temperatures only reaching the minus teens.
"I encourage Minnesotans of all ages to exercise caution in these extreme weather conditions," Dayton said.
It was the first time that a Minnesota governor closed schools in response to cold weather since January 16, 1997. According to the State Climatology Office, former Gov. Arne Carlson called off classes that day as temperatures reached minus-32 in the Twin Cities.
Carlson also closed schools statewide on Feb. 2, 1996. That's the day that a state record low was set, according to the Climatology Office, when the air temperature hit minus-60 near the northern Minnesota town of Tower. Carlson first closed schools on Jan. 18, 1994, as temperatures hit 26 below in the Twin Cities.
School administrators in Rochester had already canceled classes for Monday. Dayton's office said he made the decision Friday in order to give school administrators, teachers and parents time to plan for the closures. The state Department of Education was coordinating with school districts to make sure the public is adequately notified about the school closings.
Minnesota law gives the governor the power to "authorize the commissioner of education to alter school schedules, curtail school activities or order school closed," according to the language of the statute.

There you go…..another day off….and now, a change of plans for us this weekend.  We were going to go north to celebrate with my parents in honor of their 50th ANNIVERSARY! 

To be smart and safe we are staying put.  You can never trust 4 hours of driving to the unknown elements.  A battery could die.  A tire could blow.  Blowing snow could become slippery black ice….I wish we could be there.  

Owen is already blah, blah, blahhing about  what a horrible weekend it will be now.  ugh!  Kids just don't get the "safety" issues I guess.  

Florida is going to feel so wonderful in just 12 short days……..

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Kim said...

Sorry that you had to cancel your weekend trip - dang winter weather! (poor Owen - maybe he can make a huge Lego creation!)
And - they canceled school for the temps? We are supposed to get down to -11 Sunday night which is pretty low for us but I can't imagine school being cancelled - I wouldn't be sad if it was though.

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