Friday, January 3, 2014

So this is what happens now…..

 I have previously posted a picture of Rudy snuggling up to the heater vent under the sink in the kitchen.  (You can kind of see it next to the blanket on the left)

This morning was no different.  Rudy was sound asleep on the wood floor next to the vent.  Much to my surprise Owen announced he was going to join Rudy on the floor.  Yes, we have beds, couches, and chairs that are much more comfortable but the floor in the kitchen is a popular place these days.

Although, to a certain dog…….Owen's back and a blanket ~ laying next to the heater vent ~ is the righteous place to be! HA!

Since we are not going north due to the cold weather headed our way I decide to run to Walmart after a work out at the Y just now.  I only picked up a few necessities but, OH MY GOODNESS were others piling up their carts.  (I so wanted to take my phone out and snap a few pictures but I just couldn't do it)

The carts were literally over flowing with food… might think we are hibernating for a week.  Crazy!  Stay safe and warm if you are in an area being affected by these below temperatures.  ;-(

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