Tuesday, January 28, 2014

School is Closed #5

This is crazy….or Cray ~ Cray!! (as a certain 14 yr. old and 48 yr. old male likes to say)  I know right?

I must say I am OK with the district calling off school.  I do feel there are a lot of families who are oblivious to the weather and would send their child out to wait at the bus stop in below ~ waaay below ~ freezing temperatures.  The kiddos will freeze out there!  And what if the bus broke down??  Yep, I don't want to take that chance either.

So we are home.  Owen stayed at a friends' house last night and he couldn't be more thrilled about another snow day.  The girls???????  Loving the day off from school but may be getting a little sick of mom saying, "Get dressed!  We are going to the Y!"  Especially when every other mom pretty much says the same thing and the Y has been a little over crowded recently.  ;-)

What else do we do on snow days?

Hubby bought a new TV last night.  Hmmm? Cabin fever? Excited for the Superbowl? Just cuz?


Shovel. Shovel. and Shovel (The winds have caused some drifting)

Start cars (to be sure they start)

Make grocery lists for Superbowl….nothing cray ;-) ..meatballs, chicken wings, and a healthier taco dip.

Make sure homework is done.

and Laundry!

Pretty typical right?  And don't forget that trip to the Y!

Unfortunately a friend told me yesterday that she heard the cold/snow MN is having is suppose to stick around through February!!! Could that mean MORE school closures?  UGH! Now that would be Cray for sure!

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Kim said...

Ugh - y'all are going to be in school half the summer if the winter keeps up this way!!!
And my husband say Cray-cray sometimes - he knows he's being a goof (I think!!!).

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