Saturday, January 11, 2014

OH, Your Butt looks smaller today…..

How would you respond back to that?

"Compared to the bigger butt I had yesterday?"

"At this angle?"

"In these tight polyester pants?"

"Oh, thanks for noticing?"

If you are family then you know my weight fluctuates like the weather.  I cannot stay a certain weight for the life of me!!! Frustrating?  YES!!  Depending on my mood, the time of the year (winter sucks!) an upcoming event (wedding or last years high school reunion) it goes up and down.  And it can fluctuate A.LOT.  

If you just happen to read occasionally you may have read that I do binge and I do enjoy my food more than exercise.  And I am always trying to find the balance.  

Maybe 5 pounds at first ~ 10 pounds ~ and right now I am teetering on 15 pounds!! The last 15 months it has gone from a starting point of 144 to 133 (at the lowest…and feeling so good, fit, happy etc….) to the current 153 (feeling not so fit, happy, etc….oops that is a 20 pound difference!!!) I guess I am giving myself a 5 pound window because 133 didn't work for me but I would love to be around 138 again and not over 140.

There I put it in writing.  I am telling the world my numbers.  Who does that?  Even crazier who tells someone (like I was told TODAY!) "Oh, your BUTT looks smaller today."


See it is still bugging me even hours after the fact.  I KNOW it does not look smaller.  I know for a fact the pants I had on were very tight.  (remember 20 pound gain?!) Yet, this female co-worker said this to me.  

Why do people need to even comment on our weight?

Why do people point out when we are losing but not when we are gaining?

Jealous? Sabotage? Why?

I personally feel some do say things when others are losing simply to sabotage or throw you off your game.  It is a mental game after all.  

A mental game that gives me headaches, stress, constant chatter in my head between myself and I……some day I will figure it out….some day soon….

OK….enough on that…feeling better that I got it off my chest.
Time to figure out what the family is having for supper.  ;-)


Kim said...

I hate when someone says something like that and you don't know if they are being a jerk or actually truly think they are being nice. Lately I've been eating a lot of chips (like bags!!!) because they go so well with my wine. Wearing workout clothes every day isn't probably my smartest choice but it is too cold to do anything else.
140 is pretty much my standard weight although right now I'm probably a few pounds over - oops!

Kathy said...

I know…and when I was thinner this same co-worker would tell me ….I looked sick, I looked too thin (which I didn't trust me ;-) I needed to eat more etc…

Just too many comments about my weight issues and I guess I wasn't able to handle them or her.

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