Sunday, January 12, 2014

Joel Osteen may have seen my BUTT post from yesterday

Maybe you’re waiting on God, but God is waiting on you. It may not be something big, just a small thing. But if you will make that simple adjustment, your act of obedience will bring a miracle.
Joel Osteen….update from Facebook 1-12-14


Maybe he knows me?

I will start with little steps and a "simple adjustment".


"Your act of obedience will bring a miracle"

I want to think that miracle is clearing out my mind, letting go of the momma guilt, the closet eating, the sugar cravings, the thought that food is what makes the world go round (or events in my world more fun and happy).  Finally letting go of needing extra helpings, "one more bite", and 
"Well, that's just too good to throw away so I will let my body be the garbage can once again and finish up whatever it may be"

 Merry Christmas to me!  I spent some Christmas money recently on a couple of items from "Thirty One" ~ the "bag" home party business.  I decided this is the year to brighten up my go to black clothing.  So I went with the bright pink bag and key fob below.  LOVE IT!!!  (and the motto I repeat often in my head lately ~ from Frozen ~ "Let it Go" was my choice of personalization to have put on my bag….always and forever reminder to "let it go" what ever it may be….even butt comments from others ;-) ha!

Doesn't pink stand out nicely against my green/orange purse.  

Happy Sunday All


Kim said...

Love the theme - Let it Go!!
BTW - don't you leave for vacay soon?! This week??

Kathy said...

Wednesday AM…bright and early!!

Amanda RunToTheFinish said...

I have started watching Joel on sundays and love some of the things he's made me think about lately!! like no I don't want to be a garbage can!

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