Tuesday, January 7, 2014

It's the final countdown….

Today is the 2nd day in a row that our schools have closed due to extreme cold.
(honestly Coley and I just got back from the Y and its not nearly as cold as it was yesterday….however, for the safety of all kiddos, bus drivers, and such I am glad they closed the schools again)

What does that mean to me?

*another day off of work and time to make a list of things TO DO before FLORIDA next week!
*another day to hear the kids say "Well, that's one day less to study for finals!" next week is the end of the first semester…..finals…and because we are leaving my kiddos get to take them 2 days early!
*another day of listening to Kenzie and Owen play Disney Infinity ;-) 
(this doesn't upset me too much….its kind of fun to see how much they enjoy it and each other while playing it)
*another day to go to the Y and take an earlier class I wouldn't normally be able to take b/c of work…
(YAY!  It was great having Coley with me too!)

Then this…its oh, so close now.

 Probably not going to be warm enough for suits and ocean but definitely warmer than it has been here in Minnesota!!! 
 We will not be going back to Universal Studios and Harry Potter but it was fun then!
 So having another one of these or something like it…
maybe even have one daily!
 No Jedi Training this time either…
but he sure did make a cute Jedi then.

So what will we be doing???

I am sure we will be seeing a lot of a certain mouse.
We will be taking in Epcot ~ Animal Kingdom (both parks we have not been too)
and then going back to Magic Kingdom!!!

It is simply Magical 
I have heard 
it's where all your dreams really do come true!!

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Kim said...

So exciting that the time is so close!!
I've never been but I've heard that Animal Kingdom is the best park!!!
And - you should definitely have a drink (or plenty) because it's vacation!!!

How have you been spending your time???

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